I like designing PowerPoint presentations. They have a bad reputation, I know, but I think it’s not poor ppt’s problem. The key is to build a story with a coherent structure and memorable visuals. These are some presentations I have created over the years. I adapted them so that they can be understood without me talking. I store them all in SlideShare.

Don’t dread the poster


Scientific posters are considered second-rate in the scientific community. I gave this presentation to my colleagues at REC to discuss what’s wrong with them and how to make them better.

Help Maria find a vacation spot in the Baltic Sea


Maria wants to go on holiday somewhere by the sea. The Baltic Sea is a wonderful place… but there are problems.

Introduction to the INSPIRE Helsinki 2019 challenge where teams of data enthusiasts were tasked to build an application to help Maria find a vacation spot using mainly HELCOM data.

How to visualize complex problems in the Baltic Sea


This presentation was given at a course about data visualization at the University of Helsinki organized by Koponen+Hilden. My colleague Hermanni and me presented how we designed the HELCOM Maritime Assessment.

How a seed became a tree


An adapted 8 min presentation I gave on the 13th of February 2019 at the BalticLINes final conference “Connecting Seas”. It describes how HELCOM developed a tool to access decentralized Maritime Spatial Planning data based on a Marine Spatial Data Infrastructure.

Presentations training session


For most of us giving presentations is a pain in the rear. They are difficult to design and deliver. Especially one that engages your audience.
I gave my HELCOM colleagues some advice about how to design better slides that I learned by trial and error.

How to achieve a sustainable Baltic Sea with the help of GIS (and ESRI)


My colleague Joni and I were honoured to give a keynote speech at the ESRI Finland User Days in 2018. Designing the presentation was a lot of fun and delivering it too.

Data visualization training session


I held a data visualization training session at the HELCOM Secretariat on the 28th of November 2018. The focus was on making more effective graphs. I gave some tips from my experience working and reading about information visualization.

Shipping traffic density maps


How did we make the shipping traffic density maps for the Baltic Scope project?

Maritime Spatial Planning in the Bothnian Sea


Maritime Spatial Planning was in its infancy in 2012. We wanted to test how it would be to plan a common sea between two countries.

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