I aim to read 40 books every year. I like reading both fiction and non-fiction in three languages: English, Spanish and Swedish. My favourite non-fiction topics are communication, design, data visualization, mindfulness, etc. These are the ten last books I’ve read. I sometimes write short reviews on

Making Numbers Count: The Art and Science of Communicating Numbers
really liked it
I have always understood that translating numbers to something concrete is important and I’ve tried to apply it to my work. After reading this book I realize how many silly comparisons I’ve made. It contains many examples and ideas that …
The Pop-up Pitch: The Two-Hour Creative Sprint to the Most Persuasive Presentation of Your Life
really liked it
Dan Roam did it again. This a clear and inspiring guide to communicate better… and fast.
Altered Traits: Science Reveals How Meditation Changes Your Mind, Brain, and Body
really liked it
The key here is neuroplasticity. The brain actually changes with the practice of mindfulness, and Richie and Dan (how the authors are themselves called in the book) show the scientific evidence. The question is how does it change? How lo…
Everything I Know About Love
it was ok
It was boring, long and repetitive. I didn’t understand the sense of humor probably because I’m not 1) from Britain 2) Millenial and 3) girl. And somebody tell me what‘s the point of having random recipes spread throughout the book?
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